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I thought I was excited to go to Paris, and I was! But the anticipation that I felt for Australia could not even be described. On July 21st I left the Philippines on Philippine Airlines flight 211 departing at 10:50p.m. and arriving in Sydney Australia at 9:10a.m (Australia is around 2 hours ahead of the Philippines.). For a total flight time of eight hours and ten minutes. The flight cost me around $730.00 Canadian.
Growing up my aunt and uncle always told me about how beautiful Australia was because they went on their honeymoon and 5 years later names their daughter Sydney because it was their favorite place that they have ever been too. Upon arrival I had a cab bring me to an Inter Continental City Hotel. I landed pretty late to I was going to get a good nights rest and begin all me exciting plans the next couple of days after. My three day trip was great, I went scuba diving in the most amazing waters and I attempted, and somewhat failed at learning how to surf. And of course I had to go to the opera house at least one while in Sydney. I also got more than enough souvenirs for my aunt and uncle. Overall my time spent in Australia was nothing but a fun time.

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Manila and beaches.

On July 18th my journey continued to the Philippines. I took Philippine Airlines flight 431 departing from Tokyo at 9:30a.m. and arriving at the Manila airport at 1:10p.m, for a total flight time of around four hours and forty minutes. All together the flight cost me $1,050.00 Canadian. Landing in Manila, I was surrounded by city life.
But I always heard about how amazing the beaches were in the Philippines so I mad it my goal to use this one location, not to site see, but to just relax and enjoy my surroundings. I found the hotel Pan Pacific Manila and decided that I would relax in my room and head out the following days. After asking around, I was told multiple times about the beaches on island Boracay. So I decided to pay a little amount to take a boat ride over. Once I got there the beach was beautiful. I enjoyed myself so much, I went sail boating and scuba diving. After all my running around from the previous weeks I felt like a couple of relaxing days on the most amazing beach that ive ever seen is exactly what I needed. But then my wanderlust took over and I was just itching to get going.

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The End of my Journey :(

I genuinely had the most amazing time of my life in the month and four days that I traveled the globe and the places I most wanted to see. Although it cost me a fortune it was well worth it. Over all traveled roughly 37,000 km via air travel across the globe. I traveled to so many cities that I lost count. I met some amazing people and I would never change anything about this adventure. I feel like the fact that I went alone made all the experiences that much more personal because I didn’t have to worry about anyone but myself. I chose to stay in each country for a maximum of four days because I had a time limit that I wanted to stay in, especially because every day was extremely expansive. The round world trip really allowed me to learn more about other cultures and how other people live. It was amazingly eye opening and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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So my next destination is Fiji. It’s very exotic and different. The flight process was somewhat extensive though. On August 1st I left from Wellington on Air New Zealand flight 466, departing at 3:00p.m. and stopping in Auckland at 4:00p.m. for a total flight time of one hour. Then there was an hour and twenty minute layover until my next flight. Then at 5:20 p.m. I departed on Air Pacific flight 410. Then at 8:25p.m. I had finally arrived in Nadi, Fiji. Making the total flight time five hours and twenty five minutes. This trip cost me $378.00 Canadian.
Now as soon as I decided to go to Fiji I knew that it would be completely different from every other place I had been, especially because there are so many islands. So when I landed I found a tour guide that I made sure was certified and owned a boat and a car to get me to all the places I wanted to go. But before all the plans could begin I needed to find a hotel to check into. I chose Sofitel Fiji Resort and Spa because it looked great and because it was my last stop before heading home I wanted to enjoy myself. My stay in Fiji was based on sightseeing and relaxing. I had to go see the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, which is the most beautiful garden I had ever seen, containing flowers so rare and beautiful that I hadn’t heard of them beforehand. I also wanted to get a better grip on the people who live there all the time and I visited Navala Village, my guide told me that it was the most “picturesque” village. They had actual huts, seeing all this was so cool. I spent the last two days there relaxing at the hotel that had an amazing beach attached to and occasionally doing a bit more sightseeing.

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New Zealand


On July 28th I departed from the lovely Sydney, Australia on Virgin Australia airlines flight 8142. I left at 6:15p.m.and three hours and ten minutes later I arrived in New Zealand at 11:25p.m. (New Zealand is two hours ahead of Australia). The flight cost me $168.00 Canadian. When I did arrive, I found a really cute hotel called Travelodge Wellington with pretty good customer service.
The scenery in New Zealand is fabulous. I’m not at all an outdoors girl. I hate bugs and I have never gone camping. Also I am completely incompetent when it comes to sports. Yet that was what New Zealand is all about and there was something about that place that made me want to get involved in every activity I could find, especially if that included the outdoors. I went on an amazing all day hike on Mount Victoria with a small group of great people that I met at the hotel. Luckily they knew their way around and visited almost yearly. One thing that they told me that I had to see was the Museum of New Zealand (Te Papa Tongarewa), especially when they found out my huge interest in art. The museum featured incredible works from amazing artists such a Stewart Bell Maclennan, Melvin Day, and Luit Bieringa,. The remainder of the time I spent in New Zealand was spent mostly outdoors, learning sports and becoming somewhat less uncoordinated. So the trip was a very positive and beneficial thing for me.

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