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After my exciting views in Beijing I decided that the next stop on my trip would be to Tokyo. So on July 15th I took Nippon Airways flight 906, departing from the Beijing airport at 2:45p.m and arriving at the Tokyo Airport at 7:15p.m. (Tokyo is an hour ahead of Beijing) leaving the total flight time as three and a half hours. The total flight cost me around $520.00 Canadian.
When I arrived in Tokyo it was evening, so I found Hotel Nikko Narita, less than 2km from the airport. My first couple of days were spent going to all the sushi places I could find. I never had sushi before and the way I saw, what place would have better sushi than Japan. Surprisingly I loved it. Also I wanted to see a legitimate Sumo match and it was the most entertaining thing I have ever seen in my entire life, I expected it to be somewhat funny to be because it was so out of the norm to me. But that is not what happened at all, it was interesting to learn that there were certain steps and rituals that they did before every match. Of course I had to go shopping as well. I found the best deals of my life in Tokyo, I got a new cell phone for a fraction of the price of what I would pay back home.
As much as I enjoyed all the days spent in Tokyo what I found the most amazing was the night life. People worked so hard from dusk until dawn, possibly later, that when they end their day, all the small bars fill up with business men that drink their worries away then go home. Everyone there is so determined and vigorous in their working styles that its astounding.

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I absolutely adored my ventures in Europe, but I was ready to move on and explore a new continent of the world, Asia. The first country that I wanted to visit in China. So on July 11 I took flight Egyptair 704 departing from the Milan airport at 2:30p.m. To Cario, arriving at 6:10 (3h4m flight) with a five hour and forty five minute layover. Then at 11:55p.m. I took Egyptiar flight 955 arriving in Beijing at 3:25p.m. The flight was nine hours and three minutes long. The total flight time was eighteen hours and fifty five minutes. And this long trip that lasted two days cost me approximately $600.00 Canadian.

Even though the process to arrive in Beijing felt like it was never ending, I realized that the trip was well worth the wait. Beijing is an amazing city. I had begun to develop a pattern of the first thing on my mind when entering a country is to rent a hotel room for my stay as soon as I arrive, and Beijing was no different. I found a hotel near the airport called the Imperil Courtyard Hotel. I checked in for couple of days and considering that it was somewhat early afternoon I decided to go and see all the things I’ve heard about. But there was one site that I couldn’t wait to go see and that was the Forbidden City. The palace was amazing, but just as every other tourist that visits Beijing I had to go see the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China was so overwhelming; from where I was standing as I was walking it felt like the wall never ended. The idea that the Great Wall of China was built to defend the people within it really just showed the threat that the Chinese must have felt. Which is mildly terrifying if enough thought is given to it.

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Rome and Milan.

As much as I loved my Paris trip I would have to say that my Italy trip rivals it. Only because I absolutely loved the ruins! After leaving Paris at 9:15 p.m. on July 8th I took Iberia flight 5720 to Rome, Italy. I arrived at 11:15p.m. after a two hour flight (1,104km). The flight cost me about $180.00 Canadian. Of course because I landed in Rome so late the first thing that came to my mind was for me to find a comfortable hotel to rest for the night and begin my lovely trip the next day. The first hotel that I found suitable was Hotel Fontana, although it was not as pretty as the other hotels that I stayed at it proved to be just fine because this was the one trip that I actually only went to my hotel to sleep and shower.
After a good rest I woke up the next morning ready for Rome. I had a list of landmarks that I wanted to see, and at the top of that list was The Colosseum because it is astounding that the structure is still standing, even if it is not restored, when it was bulit in 80 AD!!! That kind of structure is astounding and so full and rich with history. During my stay in Rome I also visited The Vatican Museums and St Peter’s Basilica, both were beautiful. But I had to save the best for last, and that is the Trevi Fountian, not only because I saw it in the Lizzie McGuire movie but also because it is said that once you throw a coin into the fountain you will be destined to return to Rome, and I can only pray that I will be lucky enough to return to enjoy the experience all over again.
I spent a couple of days in Rome but being as obsessed with fashion as I am, I couldn’t just go to Italy without going to Milan. So I checked out of my hotel and went to the airport to rent a small car for about $122.00 Canadian. I drove the car for about six hours before I reached Milan (610km). Once I reached Milan I Checked into Hotel Berna and left all my stuff in the room for the day, without packing. I would only stay there for a night. For the remainder of the day I literally drove around and shopped at every store I saw! It was the experience of a lifetime! Everything was top of the line.

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The place I have been waiting for all of my life.

So my entire life I have been dreaming of one place to visit, and that place is Paris. I have dreamed about going to Paris my whole life, not only because it’s one of the best fashion cities in all of the world and I have a mild obsession with all things fashion, but because it is one of the most beautiful places ever!!!
The best trip of my life began on July fifth when I took British airways flight 332 at 6:50 a.m. departing from London, England. After one hour and fifteen minutes of torture later (344km), at 9:05a.m. Paris time, I arrived in Paris, France! The flight was a great price! I got a deal so it only coast about $110 dollars Canadian.
There was an amazing hotel that was just 1km from the airport, Novatel Paris Charles De Gaulle. As soon as I checked in and got all my stuff ready for my three nights stay I took a cab straight to the city where I rented a bike to get me around. Naturally the first site that I wanted to see was the Eiffel Tower. Which was just as amazing and big as I expected it to be. For about $18.00 I got to go up the Eiffel tower and see the view that many citizens of Paris take for granted every day. The most magical thing happened too, just as Mr.I had told me the tower lit up at night and became even more beautiful to see. The Eiffel tower, though amazing, was not the only land site that I wanted to see, on my second day in Paris I went to visit the Arc de Triomphe, and learned some pretty cool things about it. Like engraved on the inside and at the top of the arch are all of the names of the generals and wars fought. And that the entire structure was made to honor all who fought in the war. It is amazing how many sites I have heard about and think look amazing but have such strong meanings that I have yet to learn. I spent the remainder of my time in Paris on Rue de Passy, shopping my heart away, and the little money I had left. As well as Mustard Street where I was told the best cafes and restaurants were. But unfortunately the trip of my dreams had to come to an end only three short days after my arrival.

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My first stop in my European adventure.

After a lot of research I have successively narrowed down all the places I would like to visit in the world to three continents Europe, Asia and Oceania. I have looked for the best deals, flight wise and developed a trip plan that I am ecstatic for!

My trip begins on July first, when I leave Pearson airport at 10:00 p.m. on flight 674 with Air transit. The flight cost me roughly $782.00 Canadian. The flight took about seven hours (5,744km). But arriving in England made it clear to me that the long flight was worth the wait. I got to London at 10:00 p.m. (there is a 5 hour time difference). So my first instinct was to find a hotel to get comfortable in for the night and begin my sightseeing the next day. Fortunately there was a 4 star Hilton hotel that was close to the airport, it was one of the nicest hotels I have ever been to! I had an amazing night’s sleep and was more than ready to explore all that England had to offer.

I definitely wanted to take my time and enjoy myself opposed to rushing my stay, so I decided that I would stay in England until July 5th. For my first couple of days I chose to go see the most well-known sites. Such as Big Ben which was gorgeous and an amazing piece of architecture. I had to go on the London eye as well!!! The view was spectacular, you literally see majority of London and it is one of those experiences that you never forget. The last main site that I was looking forward to was the natural history museum because I have heard such amazing thing and I have always wanted to see the remains of the dinosaurs. And of course I had to go to and have dinner at a fish and chips restaurant, it completed the experience. The remainder of the time I had after I got too see everything all that I had planned on seeing was spent relaxing and just enjoying the culture that surrounded me, the English accents were a definite bonus too, I almost perfected my impersonation. The best things that I encountered in London was the art the surrounded everything, whether it was the buildings or the people that lived there, I now understand why majority of my friends have an obsession with england.

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